The Royal Hellas Trusts were established in 1913. Royal Hellas as a public institution was established in the United Kingdom in 2019 with authority from HM Government, and in January of 2022 relocated to the jurisdiction of the Union State of British Commonwealth and registered under number 3 as a Privatus Negotium limited by guarantee.

Royal Hellas is owned by the Greek and Norwegian people.

Royal Hellas is managed by The Commonwealth Crown on behalf of these people.

Royal Hellas owns an estate gifted by HSH Michail Roerich to these people.

The estate is run for the benefit of the people of Greece and Norway to create wealth for every eligible Greek and Norwegian citizen.

The estate is composed of 17 entities and includes three financial institutions, a central bank and 13 trusts with history dating back to 1870.

In 1913 Olga Constantinovna of Russia created the 17 Royal Hellas Trusts. Nearly half of the estate is made up of the assets under management contained within 12 of those Royal Hellas Trusts.

The Electronic Money Issuer is part of the estate. The Electronic Money Issuer was established in 2007, is the issuer of Golden Drachmas and serves as the central bank for global gold denominated electronic money banking.

The Glob Gold Trust holds the gold bullion that was owned by the Russian Imperial Romanov family in 1916. The estate holds 45% of the Glob Gold Trust.

The estate also includes 51% of the Royal Bank of Greece SP and the entirety of its assets and property since 1870, 30% of the Depositary Receipts Exchange established in 2020 and 22% of the Athens Property Exchange established in 2019.