Athens, 2022, April 21 - In 2020 when British Ukraine was formed the people of Ukraine were agreeable to considering Ukraine becoming a Commonwealth realm, but it was unclear how that may happen in practice.

Following consultations with HM Government and various state bodies of the Commonwealth on the realities of the 21st century, between The Crown as represented at the Commonwealth Senate by The Rt. Hon. Crown Liaison Douglas Garforth and The Greek Crown as represented by HSH Roerich the Duke of Commonwealth, a framework agreement was reached as to how any new Commonwealth realms of British Commonwealth should function - the «Realm Framework Agreement of 2022».

As part of the framework any new Commonwealth realms would not be creating any new monarchies whereas protecting the path to pure and sovereign democracies with support for the concept that a head of state of any individual member state be elected and accountable.

Under such form of Commonwealth realm established at the level of the Commonwealth and accepted by the people of a nation via their participation in the finances, state and public bodies, activities and life of the British Commonwealth, including activities prescribed in the Commonwealth Framework on legislating peoples' law, such to be fixed in the constitution without becoming a monarchy would enable the mechanics of a Commonwealth realm to concern first and foremost the practical aspects of improving the lives of citizens of such Commonwealth realms - a constitutional commonwealth, otherwise known as a «Commonwealth State» that is part of the British Commonwealth as such renewed in 2021 of such Commonwealth of Nations in existance since 1926.

Consequently the sovereign of the United Kingdom and The Crown would renounce their bid to be head of state of a Commonwealth realm while continuing to act and enhance its role as Sovereign of the Commonwealth that symbolises the free association of independent member nations with a view to play an important international role to unify the Commonwealth in all respects.

The Commonwealth does not have a defined head of state, whereas the powers of the head of state of the British Commonwealth are vested in the President of the British Commonwealth, sometimes referred to as President of the Commonwealth, that is the person that has the sole power to act on behalf of, and represent the Commonwealth Trustees’ and the British Commonwealth officially - holds executive and judicial authority. This role is carried out by HSH Roerich the Duke of Commonwealth meaning that the head of state of the British Commonwealth, and the head of state of the Commonwealth, is The Greek Crown, as they are one and the same. It also makes The Greek Crown - τhe Head of the Commonwealth, and the British Commonwealth and Commonwealth States - the Dominions of The Greek Crown.

Furthermore as The Greek Crown is effectively the funder and exerciser of sole control over HSH Treasury and its subsidiary the Commonwealth Treasury, it has influence to make economic policy that affects the Commonwealth and Commonwealth States, whereas locally the financial matters would be handled by a vicefinancière who would de-facto replace the role of viceroy, such individual being a representative of The Greek Crown known as the governor-general for said Commonwealth State - the vicedux.

In the case of the people of Ukraine, especially in the context of the war, the need to protect the sovereignty of the nation is clear, but how is a more complex matter.

The Sovereign of the Commonwealth being also the Sovereign of a Commonwealth State is part of the solution.

There is great debate on how to handle the desires of certain regions of Ukraine who wish to formulate their own historical and cultural preferences regardless of their de jure status. Some say Ukraine should be a federation of free territories, some say a unitary entity. Either proposal is problematic in its current forms, since Ukraine clearly needs to be unitary, but absolute unitarism pursued until now under American direction has led to the creation of Anti-Russia, which of course has led to the war with the Russian Federation.

In all cases, Ukraine is a nation of many nationalities, not least natively speaking the Ukrainian, Polish and Russian languages, essentially in fact it’s a nation of people, so the solution can be that it’s a unitary constitutional commonwealth of people. Whether such is parliamentary or presidential is an additional aspect that is to be voted on by the people of Ukraine.

With large support for this, as of the first of May of 2022, The Greek Crown starts the process to create British Ukraine as a Commonwealth State and such to be adopted by Ukraine - for Ukraine to become the Commonwealth of British Ukraine, meaning having a new form of government of unitary constitutional commonwealth of people.

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